kmm-kg offers professional and reliable services from hotel properties that are individually tailored to your requirements. A detailed consultation is a matter of course. Trust in our expertise. We ensure for you to find the right solution quick and easy. 

We provide our services nationwide and in German-speaking countries.



Our range at a glance


Interim Management for sequestrator 
Advice on the sale and leasing 
Hotel management contracts 
Economic revitalization and structural reorganization of hotels 
funding advice 
Consulting Services in selected areas 
Supply of new hotel furniture standard and custom-made 
Complete Hotel Room Facilities 
Trade-in of used furniture 
Cleaning services for hotels 
Mystery Guest check 


We lease your hotel or get you a tenant or buyer 
In an emergency, we will provide you within 24 hours of an Interim Manager

Excerpt of a list of hotels we have worked for


Nordic hotel group

Leonardo hotels

Asb Rescue Assistance Berlin

Exhibition view Leipzig

Travodo Hotel Group

Novum Hotel Group

Amber hotel group

Centro hotel group

Holet Dreiländerblick Nauders

Hotel Stifsgarten Garsten

Hotel Boddenhus Zingst

Hote Waldstr Grosszimmer

Hotel Razhaus Oberhausen

Hotel Linde Verden

Hotel Roeb Nideggen

Hotel Linde Altlussheim

Parkhotel Wehrle Triberg

Castle Hotel Kassel

Parkhotel Kassel

Salinenparc Bad Wetsernkotten

City of Duisburg

Hotel Neue Post Zell am See

Gasthof Drei Hacken Austria

Belle Epoque Kandersteig

City of Potsdam

DRC Mecklenburg Western Pomerania

City of Recklinghausen

City Wadersloh

Hamburg  DRC Darmstadt

Boarding school International Peace School Cologne

Guest house Paulinenklinik Berlin

Sports mayer


Cubo st Johann tirol

House Isabell Obertauern

Three country view nauders

Gs Hotels ARTN Ana Katharina Vienna

Hotel Neue Post Zell am See

Steinerwirt guests / staff house Zell am See

Moerser Hof Moers

Hotel Lindengarten Luebben

Hotel Polonia Frankfurt

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Kmm Hotelmöbel

Kerstin Mandt

Friedrichstr 92

68199 Mannheim


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