Ems saving system reduces heating costs by automatic radiator control

Only the actually used rooms are heated. 

Radiator close with the window open



Especially designed for: 


Administration Building: Only used rooms with closed windows are heated. 
Linking the central heating with time and attendance systems is possible. 

As soon as the last person leaves the office, the temperature is lowered. 


School buildings: particularly in schools and education are high 
Energy savings possible if only those rooms (classes) are heated, which will actually be used. A link with commercially available software school is possible. 


Special Properties: schools, nursing homes, conference centers, commercial properties. Automatically only used to heat rooms, according to the timetable. 


Hotels: Just finished rooms are heated. With the window open closes dasHeizkörper - valve. Linking the central heating with hotel software is possible.


The system does not keep unused rooms on standby temperature. 


Each room receives an individual heating profile. Shortly before the planned use 
the heating elements via a radio signal to the desired temperature 
"Ramped up". Savings of about 30% can be expected. 


The system is controlled via a radio-based headquarters, which has a 
open interface with other systems (eg. B. Time and Attendance or 
Hotel Software) can be linked. 


Through wireless technology is a very inexpensive and simple 
Retrofit your existing building possible: No dirt, no 
Business interruption; Time required for the incorporation per room max. about 30 minutes. 


It is only necessary to replace the existing valve heads and the 
Attachment of a room controller. After setting up the system is running 
fully automatically. 


Please call us at: Tel 0049-621-4006100 or request 
more information email: info@ems-ug.de 


We are happy to calculate for you the profitability of the operation.

Excerpt of a list of hotels we have worked for


Nordic hotel group

Leonardo hotels

Asb Rescue Assistance Berlin

Exhibition view Leipzig

Travodo Hotel Group

Novum Hotel Group

Amber hotel group

Centro hotel group

Holet Dreiländerblick Nauders

Hotel Stifsgarten Garsten

Hotel Boddenhus Zingst

Hote Waldstr Grosszimmer

Hotel Razhaus Oberhausen

Hotel Linde Verden

Hotel Roeb Nideggen

Hotel Linde Altlussheim

Parkhotel Wehrle Triberg

Castle Hotel Kassel

Parkhotel Kassel

Salinenparc Bad Wetsernkotten

City of Duisburg

Hotel Neue Post Zell am See

Gasthof Drei Hacken Austria

Belle Epoque Kandersteig

City of Potsdam

DRC Mecklenburg Western Pomerania

City of Recklinghausen

City Wadersloh

Hamburg  DRC Darmstadt

Boarding school International Peace School Cologne

Guest house Paulinenklinik Berlin

Sports mayer


Cubo st Johann tirol

House Isabell Obertauern

Three country view nauders

Gs Hotels ARTN Ana Katharina Vienna

Hotel Neue Post Zell am See

Steinerwirt guests / staff house Zell am See

Moerser Hof Moers

Hotel Lindengarten Luebben

Hotel Polonia Frankfurt

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