The conversion of a 20-room hotel on RFID cost us about € 4,000.00 net with mounting

RFid locks are due to numerous advantages in the hospitality industry on the rise and today the art. Thus, they are well-established in many areas. 

Why use more rigid, mechanical systems, when electronic systems offer many advantages: 

- Easy to use, short Provision sufficient 
- One key for all areas, individually configurable 
- More security, through effective copy of the transponder 
- No security risk loss of a card, the new key deletes the 
   old map data 
- No exchange needed for closure 
- With simultaneous use of the Power Saver power outlet, the investment pays for itself in no time 

Contemporary Close, organize and manage 

The theme of "legitimate access" is becoming increasingly important. To prevent theft and unauthorized access, electronic locking systems first choice. 

By issuing a simple transponder card you allow your customers not only the access to his room, but can share the wellness area to safe all the services you want.

I'm going to inform you personally about other benefits and prices at the 0049-621-4006100 telephone number . 

Delivery of spare parts for common door sizes in 48 hours

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Nordic Hotelgruppe

Leonardo Hotels

Asb Rettungshilfe Berlin

Messeblick Leipzig

Travodo Hotel Gruppe

Novum Hotel Gruppe

Amber Hotelgruppe

Centro Hotelgruppe

Holet Dreiländerblick Nauders

Hotel Stifsgarten Garsten

Hotel Boddenhus Zingst

Hote Waldstr Grosszimmern

Hotel Razhaus Oberhausen

Hotel Linde Verden

Hotel Roeb Nideggen

Hotel Linde Altlussheim

Parkhotel Wehrle Triberg

Schlosshotel Kassel

Parkhotel Kassel

Salinenparc Bad Wetsernkotten

Stadt Duisburg

Hotel Neue Post Zell am See

Gasthof drei Hacken Östereich

Belle Epoque Kandersteig

Stadt Potsdam

DRK Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Stadt Recklinghausen

Stadt Wadersloh

Hamburg DRK Darmstadt

Internat internationale Friedensschule Köln

Gästehaus Paulinenklinik Berlin

Sport mayer


Cubo st Johann tirol

Haus Isabell Obertauern

Dreiländerblick nauders

Gs Hotels  ARTN  Ana Katharina Wien

Hotel Neue Post Zell am See

Steinerwirt Gäste / Personalhaus  Zell am See

Moerser Hof Moers

Hotel Lindengarten Lübben

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Kerstin Mandt

Friedrichstr 92

68199 Mannheim


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